I'm currently in the process of rebuilding from the ground up. New infrastructure, new tech, new content, the works. Please be patient as I get this thing back together. It's been over ten years since I've worked on my own site, so not only do I have a lot to catch back up on, I've gathered a lot more to say and do over the years.

Once the show's on the road again, I should have much more to offer than the previously neglected WordPress site. Here are a couple of things I'm looking to have around here...

As a graphic developer, I make a lot of custom resources for websites, software, games, and sometimes just for having the idea. I'll be happy to begin posting some of these here in a gallery for you to use to assist in your creative endeavors.

In addition, I write a lot of code, and have been looking for a place to drop snippets for a while now. I'll probably do that here in a gallery as well. Be warned, I make no promises as to the efficiency, efficacy, quality, or even the language that these will be; I'm all over the place at times.

I don't only write code; sometimes I write real words too. I'll try to make it a habit of writing something every once in a while like I used to. I usually only write about things that I know, so all apologies in advance, but there may not be much in the end, but at least I had some before, so maybe I'll dust them back off.

I'm a fan of the expression "there's a tool for every job," and while I personally think a knife is most of them, there are a lot of times that I just can't seem to get a knife to generate passwords, download wallpapers, or conveniently evaluate regular expressions. I'm super-excited to have a new home to start laying out some of those tools and offering them up to the public.